Chemical Dependancy

The following is a list of some of my services and expertise. Ask me about other issues you may have and not see addressed here.

Individual, Family and Group Chemical Dependency Counseling

Involves clients and family in a  process to help first determine whether they are experiencing substance abuse or addiction.  Often this process starts with a family member being concerned about a loved-ones drinking or use of drugs.  Even if the substance abuser doesn’t admit they have a problem, the family can get help with how to deal with what may be their love-one’s denial.

When a diagnosis is determined individual and/or family treatment goals will be set.  It will be very important to determine the danger factors to individual or family members.  The answer to this question will lead to decisions regarding the specific needs for treatment (inpatient residential, day outpatient, evening outpatient or maybe weekly meetings with a trained addiction counselor.

Intervention Specialist

My services in this area involve coaching family and friends in a process which can often lovingly encourage the addict and/or alcoholic in submitting to treatment.  This process can often be extremely helpful to family and friends even if their loved-one refuses to get immediate help.

Family Support and Referral Resources

There are resources in the community which often help family and friends with the support needed when living with someones addiction.  It can be very encouraging when we find out we are not alone in our frustration or suffering.