Speaking Topics

The following is a list of some of possible venues and topics for conference presentations. Please feel free to contact me about your speaking needs. My fee for speaking depends upon travel, food and housing options available. See the contact page for the form to fill in to let me know what your needs are.

Possible Speaking Venues and Topics

  • Men’s Retreat: “Male/Female Differences in Relating”  “Hidden Heart of a Man”
  • Men’s Conference: “Keeping Our Wives Happy”  “Becoming the Dad Our Kids Need”
  • Family Conference: “Loving the Others in Our Life”
  • Couples Retreat: “Improving Our Communication”  “Team Parenting”
  • Parenting Conference: “Parenting with Support and Structure” “From Manager to Coach”
  • Weekend or Week Event: “Listening with the Ears of God” “Loving Others Series”
  • Women’s Conference or Retreat:  “Living with a Friend or Family Member’s Addiction”

General Topics

  • Couples Communication, Good and Bad Conflict Resolution Styles, Conflict Resolution Skills, Listening Skills, Speaking the Truth in Love
  • Male, Female Differences, Personality Differences
  • Life Baggage Issues and how they effect relationships
  • Father – Son Dynamics and Communication, Stages of Godly Manhood, Fathering Daughters
  • Parenting: Styles and Problems, Parenting Adolescents, Loving Discipline, Allowing Mistakes, Blended Families
  • Dysfunctional Roles and Rules, Unhealthy Defense Mechanisms, Setting Loving Boundaries
  • Healthy Singles Relationships, Dealing with Divorce, Single Dating, Protecting My Children
  • Resentments and Forgiveness
  • Dealing with Anger
  • Judging and Blaming
  • Conflict Resolution Styles
  • Domestic Violence
  • Divorce Recovery
  • Chemical Dependency
  • Sexual Addictions